From My Heart To Yours


Who even is Matt Wells?


Matt is a Canadian artist, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. The music that Matt produces is a reflection of his own internal struggles that he, himself, is still attempting to fully understand. Music is his outlet; his escape and chance to explore the deeper parts of his mind by attempting to put his feelings to lyrics.

Matt’s specialty is his live performances consisting of a simple arrangement of guitar and vocals to emphasize his lyrics. He attempts to draw in the audience by having relatable themes in hopes that they may also understand and feel his emotions of desire, pain, and love. He attempts to create an atmosphere in which people know they are not alone in heartbreak and pain.

Matt’s first single, Truth is, is a depiction of what it feels like to deny oneself something you really want for the good of someone else. His album, on the other hand, From My Heart To Yours, is the reflection of the emotional roller coaster relationships tend to be.

Matt is currently experimenting with new forms of musical expression and looks forward to sharing it with you soon. In the meantime, he hopes that you continue to enjoy his music while he takes time to reflect and create new music.

 Recorded on the album:

Vocals, Guitar / Matt Wells
Keyboard, Sampling / Matt Wells
Bass / Matt Wells
Percussion / Matt Wells



From My Heart To Yours

by Matt Wells

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